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By Jeanette C. Murphy DDS, PLC
April 13, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Find out what Invisalign treatment could offer your crooked smile.

Tired of having a visible gap between your front teeth? Want a smile that will make you feel confident? If so, then you may be wondering what kind of braces would work best for you. If you are a teen or an adult, your Monroe, MI, dentist, Dr. Jeanette Murphy, understands that you’re probably looking for an easy treatment that fits into your lifestyle and doesn’t require you to make a lot of adjustments to your routine. If you are nodding your head right now, then read on to learn more about the top benefits of Invisalign treatment:

Eat What You Want

No, this isn’t a license to chow down on a bunch of junk food and sugary treats; however, one of the benefits of Invisalign treatment is that you can easily remove your aligners prior to meals, effectively eliminating dietary restrictions. Just remember to brush your teeth thoroughly after eating and before putting your aligners back in your mouth.

Clean Teeth and Gums with Ease

Another benefit of being able to remove your aligners is that you can take them out to easily brush and floss your teeth. As long as you were doing a good job keeping your teeth and gums healthy before, you won’t need to make any changes to your oral care routine with Invisalign. Our Monroe, MI, dentist can also show you how to keep your aligners clean so they stay transparent and stain-free.

Potentially Faster Results

If you are an adult who is only dealing with minor issues such as a small gap between two teeth or a slightly crowded smile you may be relieved to hear that you probably won’t have to wait very long to see results. In fact, the average adult gets results with Invisalign in about one year; however, it’s also possible to achieve full results even earlier. This is something that our dental team would be happy to discuss during your consultation, so you know how long you’ll need to undergo Invisalign treatment to achieve the smile you want.

If you are interested in getting Invisalign, then the next step is to visit our Monroe, MI, dental team for a consultation. We can examine your teeth and easily determine if Invisalign is right for you. Call us at (734) 242-4744 for an appointment.

Find out whether veneers from our cosmetic dentist could hide those smile flaws that you hate so much.

Are you embarrassed by your smile? If so, dental veneers may be able to help! Generally made from beautiful porcelain, dental veneers are very thin tooth-colored shells that are used to cover the front of teeth in order to change their size, shape, or color. Whether you'd like to fix a slight imperfection on an individual tooth or drastically change the look of your smile, here are just some of the ways that dental veneers from Dr. Jeanette Murphy's office in Monroe, MI, can help you:


While yellow stains caused by foods and drinks can usually be treated with simple measures such as teeth whitening, deeper stains caused by smoking may not respond as effectively to whitening treatment. In this case, the best option may be to place veneers over the stained teeth to give you a whiter smile.

Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Even though enamel is incredibly strong, teeth can still end up being profoundly damaged. If a traumatic injury has left a tooth chipped or broken, a dental veneer may be able to fix the problem. Each veneer is custom-made based on your exact tooth measurements to ensure that veneers aren’t too large, bulky, or unnatural. By having out dentist bond veneers to the front of your teeth, it’s like the chip or crack never happened!

Oddly Shaped or Misaligned Teeth

Sometimes teeth contain defects that affect their overall shape or size. Sometimes teeth that don’t grow in perfectly straight and there may be gaps between teeth or teeth might overlap. These issues can also be addressed with dental veneers. Veneers have the ability to cover gaps, hide misaligned teeth, and achieve a straighter smile without braces.

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